Shower Sets

Duş Setleri

Shower sets in our product range are offered to our customers in different varieties. We have 4 different varieties: Hidro, Palace, Stil and Norma. Each of our varieties has been carefully designed and offers options for different styles and needs.

Hydro shower sets are equipped with water jets that offer an intense and pleasant massage feeling. Palace shower sets add a comfortable atmosphere to your bathroom with their luxurious and stylish designs. While Style shower sets are the choice of those looking for a modern and minimalist style, Norma shower sets offer a simple and useful option.

Hidro Dikey Masaj Duş Seti


Hydro Vertical Massage Shower Set

• Stainless panel
• Concealed overheadshower and massage system
• Hot and cold 4-way router panel battery

hidro dikey masaj duş seti ebatlar
Palace Tepe Banyo Duş Seti


Place Top Shower Set

• Deluxe braided spiral
• Brass router
• Natural soap plating
• Chrome bolt set

palace tepe banyo duş seti ebatlar
Stil Sürgülü Duş Seti


Stil Sliding Shower Set

• Deluxe braided spiral
• Chrome pipe
• Universal chrome soap plate

stil sürgülü duş seti ebatlar
Norma Tepe Duş Takımı


Norma Top Shower Set

• Standard spiral
• Brass router
• Natural soap plate

norma tepe duş takımı ebatlar